Online marketing strategy is not a thing

It’s easy to think that an online marketing strategy is a thing, so intense is the onslaught of the worldwide web, but it’s not. The very idea of an online marketing strategy assumes that there is a difference between marketing and online marketing. This is wrong. “Online” is just another communication medium, like print, radio… 

March 30, 2017, Mehrdad Behroozi

Are your plugins up-to-date

How secure are your WordPress plugins?

One of the features of the WordPress content management system (CMS) that users like is the ability to quickly add functionality and / of feature to the website using plugins. Plugins allow users to extend functionality or add new features to their WordPress websites. WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language and integrate… 

March 4, 2017, Mehrdad Behroozi

What is a brand and brand identity?

What is a brand? Although there is no single definition for brand (Adamson, 2009, p. 179; Danesi, 2006 as cited in, Pinto, 2012, p.1; Semprini, 1995, as cited in, Pinto, 2012, p.1) most of the scholars agree that “brand is a promise” (Adamson, 2009, p. 179; Fazarinc, 2001, p. 8; Ghodeswar, 2008, p. 4; Kania,… 

October 18, 2016, Aida Khangholi

WordPress Updates

With more than 26% of the web running on WordPress, that’s over 76 million sites; even if the percentage doesn’t sound impressive enough, it’s fair to say WordPress is popular. WordPress is a powerful tool for both website development and content management.  It allows you control over the content on your website and the ability… 

September 15, 2016, Ryan O' Connor

How design can help you in the digital word?

Some people might think that with the advancement in the digital word, you only need a website that comes on the top of the Google page! But the truth is if you want to be a successful business there is much moe than that. First, you need a well-designed brand identity to represent your company… 

August 24, 2016, Aida Khangholi

Domain Names

Do you own your domain name?

All of us know that our domain name is our online business address. But how many of us actually “own” our domain name? Do you know, for sure, if you own your domain name? If you have a New Zealand based domain name the best way to check who owns it is to go to https://dnc.org.nz/ and type… 

July 1, 2016, Mehrdad Behroozi

Business cards exchanging hands

3 Reasons why your marketing materials need to be professionally designed

Have you ever received a flyer in the mail with a message similar to “quality is in everything we do” printed conspicuously across the bottom. After reading that did you think, “wow, this is a high quality flyer?” Probably not. Yet time and time again our mail boxes get gifted flyers with claims of quality… 

May 17, 2016, Mehrdad Behroozi

Happy New Year!

Happy 2016 from E9 team.

December 31, 2015, Aida Khangholi