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3 Reasons why your marketing materials need to be professionally designed

Have you ever received a flyer in the mail with a message similar to “quality is in everything we do” printed conspicuously across the bottom. After reading that did you think, “wow, this is a high quality flyer?” Probably not. Yet time and time again our mail boxes get gifted flyers with claims of quality printed conspicuously across the bottom.

Now think back to a time when you have received a flyer or brochure in your mail box and have actually found it to be of high quality. Take your time, we know it doesn’t happen very often. Did it have a “quality is in everything we do” message printed on it anywhere? Probably not. Why? Because quality is an intrinsic characteristic that naturally appeals to our senses. If we have to be told that something is of high quality then it probably isn’t.

Needless to say that many will read the above and think, “hey, I would prefer to spend my time and money on providing a high quality service or product to my customers instead of flyers and brochures. It is the quality of my core services/products that matters.” It’s this idea that differentiates the successful businesses from the average ones. Successful businesses understand that quality must be in everything they do, including their marketing and communications.

Everything a business sends out to the world around it is a representation of the quality it provides. Every bit of communication whether it is verbal, written, or visual is a representation of the promise the business makes to it’s customers. This promise is the businesses’ brand. Yet, even though all businesses know the importance of their brand, many small to medium sized business don’t feel it is necessary to have their brand professionally created and maintained. So here are three reasons why professional design is important for businesses.

Man viewing websiteProfessional designs have a positive effect on first impressions especially online.

First Impressions Matter

First impressions matter and customers will make a judgement on the quality a business provides within the first few seconds based on visuals alone. A business can be incredible at its core services but, with poor design, not many people will take it seriously. High quality graphic design gives businesses credibility. It shows that the business is serious about being amazing and that it cares about quality and reputation. It shows that the business cares about itself and that gives customers the feeling that the business will care for them.

Consistency is Key

All external and internal communications must be based on a consistent visual guideline that ensures that your brand is represented accurately all the time. A professional brand company understands the importance of brand identity consistency and is able to ensure that your brand identity is memorable, clear, and unique. Brand consistency brings value to your business by building credibility and legitimacy.

Visually Communicate Correctly

Every business knows who its customers are and what they want. In the same way a professional designer knows what works visually with different customer groups. Professional designers have the experience, perspective, and tools to enable businesses to connect with their target audience. By listening to you and developing a strong concept professional graphic design companies will create marketing materials that will better relate to your target market.

A professional design company can ensure that all your outward bound marketing looks, feels, and accurately represents the quality and care that your business provides. Sure it's going to cost you, but the $1000 you spend on a professionally designed logo, or the $400 that you spend on professionally designed business card, or the $1500 that you spend on a professionally designed website is a far lower cost than losing a customer with a budget of $10000. In fact a $5000 spend on a full brand design package would be far less of a cost than losing a sale worth $10000.

May 17, 2016